All restaurants and food establishments must be licensed and pass regular health inspections to assure that the facility meets food safety standards. This applies to restaurants that sell food to the public from a set address, including bed and breakfasts.

You must obtain a plan review and license before:

  • Opening a new restaurant
  • Remodeling a restaurant

You must also contact us if your menu changes or if you are changing ownership.

Good to Know

Prior to receiving your license from us, there may be other agencies from which you will be required to obtain approvals. These include, but are not limited to:

  • planning (zoning)
  • building codes (structural, electrical, plumbing, prefabricated structures)
  • fire marshal
  • city or county authorities

Food handler cards are required for all restaurant workers. You can take the test online.

Bed and breakfasts must also obtain a lodging permit.


Restaurant Plan Review Requirements
Oregon Food Sanitation Rules

Get a License

If you are building or remodeling a restaurant:
You must first obtain a plan review. Send us:

You will receive a response within 10 business days. Once you’ve received a plan approval letter, you may begin construction. You may then submit your food service license application and fee payment.

Once construction is complete, call us to arrange a pre-opening inspection. This usually occurs within 1 week of your call. You must receive and pass the pre-opening inspection before you can open.

After a food service license has been acquired, the restaurant will receive its first inspection within a few weeks.

If you are a new owner:
Send us:

We will review your application and determine whether a plan review is needed.

Plan Review Instructions
Plan Review Application
Menu Items
Food Service License Application
Change of Ownership Supplemental Form

Based on the number of seats inside the restaurant.


  • 0-15 seats: $490
  • 16-50 seats: $545
  • 51-150 seats: $600
  • Over 150 seats: $715
  • Limited service (pre-packaged items only): $445
  • Bed & Breakfast: $215

Plan Review:

  • New construction: $600
  • Remodel: $575
  • New construction rush $1,800
  • Remodel rush $1,725
  • Increased frequency inspection $285


Licenses are good for one calendar year. Renew your license by paying the license fee by January 1 of each year.

Routine Inspections

Environmental health specialists conduct twice yearly inspections of the restaurant to ensure that food service operation is following Oregon’s Food Sanitation Rules. Inspections are unannounced, and at the end of the inspection the restaurant will receive a score. The inspection results are posted on this website for public viewing.

During an inspection, health inspectors will:

  • Evaluate food workers’ practices, including how foods are received and stored, and how food is processed and cooked.
  • Evaluate cooling, holding and reheating temperatures.
  • Report observed violations not in compliance with Oregon’s Food Sanitation Rules.