SUN Oregon Food Bank Emergency Food Pantries

In Spring 2011, 6 SUN Community School (SUN CS) emergency food pantries were launched in partnership with Oregon Food Bank (OFB) and other SUN CS agencies and community partners.

In Winter and Spring of 2013 2 new pantries were launched at Cesar Chavez K-8 and David Douglas High School. In Feb 2014, the 9th new school pantry opened in Reynolds Middle School.

Another pantry is slated to open in March 2014. 

This represents an unprecedented partnership between public and private non-profit charitable organizations. 

The pantries are part of the SUN Service System (SUN) Child and Family Hunger Relief Project.

What do They Provide?

The pantries provide families with at least 50 pounds (3-5 days) of nutritious emergency food for weekend, evening and other non-school days when access to other food sources such as child nutrition programs is limited. 

A typical per family distribution ranges from 60-70 pounds which equals enough food for about 48 meals.

These efforts help ease the troubling effects of hunger and anxiety families may face when other food sources are unavailable or impossible to purchase due to economic circumstances.

How Have They Eased Hunger?

Since April of 2011 the 9 SUN / OFB Emergency Food Pantries have:

  • Served over 5000 households
  • Provided food for over 450,000 emergency meals for children and families valued at $950,000 to $1,100,000 if purchased at a local grocery store
  • Leveraged 3,200 volunteer hours.

Where are They Located?

The current 8 emergency food pantries are located at:

Pantry Map:
The emergency food pantry map provides locations and information about each school and pantry location.

How Can You Help Support A Pantry?

Donate Money

Donate Food

Who are the Community Partners?

The 8 emergency pantries rely on the collaboration and support of many community partners from government, business, non-profits, SUN agencies and the faith community. Without their support these pantries would not be possible.