Danni Duggan (left) with Commissioner Diane McKeel

Danni Duggan is a volunteer with Multnomah County Animal Services and winner of a 2015 Volunteer Recognition Award.

“Danni has been with us since March of 2013. She volunteers in the dog kennels every other Sunday. I call her our 'cruise director.' She comes in with a spreadsheet of all the dogs in the adoption kennels. She greets customers, answers questions, keeps track of who's being shown and even helps bathe a dog or two. Danni is also part of our dog foster program. She and her husband Bud take in the senior dogs that just need a fire to keep their old bones warm. Danni also likes to help at the new  volunteer orientations. She and Bud tell applicants about their experiences and what a wonderful place Multnomah County Animal Services is.”

—  Melinda Hickey, Multnomah County Animal Services volunteer coordinator