Denise Johnson (right) with Commissioner Judy Shiprack

“Denise Johnson, CareOregon health promotion coordinator, has been involved with the Multnomah County Health Department’s Healthy Birth Initiative (HBI) for more than seven years. For two years, Denise has organized an event to raise funds for the male/father involvement component of the HBI program. Denise was active in the HBI Community Consortium, a program advisory group that developed participant leadership and raised awareness of the disparities in birth outcomes experienced by African Americans in Multnomah County. 

Denise has been actively involved in the transition from a consortium model to a Community Action Network (CAN), charged with developing a strategic plan to eliminate the disparities and was elected as co-chair of the CAN Leadership Group and serves on the Strategic Planning Process Work Group.

Denise has volunteered to table community events on behalf of the HBI program. She has worked to establish and maintain a working relationship between Care Oregon and the HBI program.”

—  Ronnie Meyers, Multnomah County Health Department