Grace Ramstad (right) with Commissioner Jules Bailey

“I have worked with teens all across the country for nearly 13 years, and no one is more poised to transform the world than Grace Ramstad. She has worked with me at Troutdale Library for more than a year, and she never fails to surprise me with her maturity, depth, creativity, and reliability. Whether she is spearheading a Teen Council meeting on her own, assisting me during storytime, or scheduling over a dozen Summer Reading volunteers, she expertly switches from one role to the next without hesitation.

The thing about Grace is that she doesn’t just look good on paper. She is the real thing and her follow-through is always there. She is present from inception to brainstorming to execution to evaluation. It takes a certain vision and confidence to both be involved in everything and actually follow through. I have every faith that she is deserving of any opportunity placed in front of her.”

—  Violeta Garza, bilingual youth librarian at Troutdale Library