Helen Hoxworth
Helen Hoxworth

“Helen Hoxworth is a foster grandparent volunteer at the Center for Medically Fragile Children. The Foster Grandparent Program is a national Senior Corps volunteer program for individuals 55+ who serve children in local community agencies for more than 15 hours every week, year round. Helen is 88 years old and has been serving our program for 15 years.”

— Khela Singer of Department of County Human Services’ Aging, Disability and Veterans Services

“ Helen Hoxworth never seems to stop amazing me. Setbacks have happened but Helen perseveres as she knows how important she is to the Children of the Center for Medically Fragile Children. She is the de facto “Director of Welcome Home”, assuring when each child arrives home from school, that they do so coming home on the correct bus (there are over 15 buses), at the correct time.

She works alongside other foster grandparents, staff and volunteers. The volunteers often are high school and college students, always hearing about Helen’s life, growing up in rural eastern Oregon. Her tenacity and genuine care for the children motivates us all! Her special relationships with the children she is assigned to shows often in the faces of those children. I have witnessed this time and again. I only hope that I can follow the trend of this type of willful and determined behavior to fulfill my role in society the way that Helen has. Thank you, Helen.”

—  Maria Micozzi, Providence Center for Medically Fragile Children volunteer coordinator