Kira Higgs (right) and Commissioner Diane McKeel

Kira Higgs is a volunteer with the Regional Arts & Culture Council and winner of a 2015 Volunteer Recognition Award.

“Kira Higgs is the Director of Continuous Improvement for All Hands Raised. For more than ten years she has been a strong and active arts advocate for Business for Culture & the Arts and Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC), leading  advocacy efforts and strategic communications initiatives for both organizations.

She officially joined  the RACC board in 2008 and has served on RACC’s Leadership Development Committee, Communications Task Force, and Executive Committee, as well as providing critical support to emerging initiatives over the years including Work for Art, The Right Brain Initiative, and RACC’s Equity and Inclusion Initiative. In addition to her great organizing and communications skills she is also highly regarded for her warm, friendly and incredibly supportive demeanor.”

—  Eloise Damrosch,  Regional Arts & Culture Council executive director