Department of Community Justice (DCJ)

Erion Moore, Victim Services – Erion is a highly motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer. His knowledge of the criminal justice system and passion for helping others shines bright. He has a contagious smile and great demeanor! His ideas and daily work have been great benefits to DCJ for which we are grateful.

Nalisha Kishore, Adult Parole and Probation Unit – Nalisha is passionate about helping others. She is always available to assist not just in our unit, but in other units as well.

volunteers with the Department of Community Justice honored at 2018 ceremony

Olutayo “Tay” Arigbon, ASD Mental Health Unit – Tay is hard-working, intelligent and gets along with the whole team of officers on the second floor of the Mead Building. He has a “can do” attitude and takes on any task presented to him with curiosity, excitement and a smile on his face. Thank you for your commitment, Tay!

Amanda Swartzmiller, Juvenile Services Division – Amanda is reliable and self motivated. She is organized and completes all of her tasks in a timely manner. She is good natured and calm, which is needed in the volunteer position she is in. We are lucky to have Amanda!

Maggie Denton, Juvenile Services Division – Maggie has been an exceptional intern. She always comes to work grounded in the spirit of being responsive to the needs of clients, and goes above and beyond to help others in the department. She brings creativity, and an open mind and heart to all that she does. This is reflected in the work she delivers as well as her interactions with clients. She has set the bar high, and will be sorely missed when her internship is over!

Nathaniel Williams, Juvenile Services Division – Nathaniel inspires the youth we serve to take responsibility for their actions and learn to empathize with victims. While teaching the youth skills that will help them be productive community members, he gives them hope which is the key component in helping justice-involved individuals.

Citizen Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC)

Joanne Burke, Dept. of Community Justice CBAC: Joanne has been a great leader on the DCJ CBAC. As committee chair, she has taken the lead on writing the annual report and worked tirelessly to ensure that all members’ input to the report is included and reflective of the committee as a whole. She is a great advocate for the community, and for our CBAC. Joanne works collaboratively with DCJ staff to ensure the committee has the knowledge, data and information to make recommendations for the budget. Joanne is a great asset to our CBAC team.

Bob Pung, District Attorney CBAC – Mr. Pung retired from the Multnomah County District Attorney CBAC this year after having served approximately 17 years. He was always passionate about his commitment to his community and deserves to be recognized for his work.

Mary Stewart, Department of Community Services CBAC – Mary’s enthusiasm to learn about our Department lines of business was matchless and rewarding.

Members of the Citizen Budget Advisory Committee honored during the 2018 volunteer ceremony.

Richard Mitchell, Department of Community Services CBAC – As a new member to our group, he brought a healthy level of inquisitiveness during our deliberations, which fostered many moments of inquiry.

Mark Stein, Department of Community Services CBAC – Mark was always eager to challenge our current paradigm of thinking about our services, and to consider other alternate solutions to pending issues.

Nyla Clark, Department of Community Services CBAC – Nyla’s youthful exuberance was very refreshing and engaging as a millennial counterbalancing the baby boomers.

Judy Hadley, Non-Departmental CBAC – Judy’s commitment and dedication to the process is legendary. She’s been engaged with the County for decades. She generously shares her knowledge with new members who appreciate her mentorship. The Non-Departmental CBAC has benefited greatly from her wisdom. Where would we be without her?

Cain Bloomer, Non-Departmental CBAC – Cain has been on the Non-D CBAC for years, and is terming out this winter. He will be missed! He offered innovative ways to track critical conversation points with people the CBAC met with. He brought humor and thoughtfulness into the process.

Cam Coval, Non-Departmental CBAC – Cam was a new Non-D CBAC member this year. He is passionate about public participation, and stepped up to be Central CBAC rep. He hosted a tour of property in East County impacted by the county budget. We appreciate his knowledge and commitment to change.

Xavier Tissier, Non-Departmental CBAC – Xavier was a new Non-D CBAC member this year. His global approach to local issues added a wonderful perspective to our discussions. He willingly offered suggestions about ways to make the CBAC’s time more valuable to the task at hand. He offered his technological skills, too, making data collection easy and shareable. We are grateful to him.

Taylor Woods, Non-Departmental CBAC – Taylor was a new Non-D CBAC member this year. His knowledge of finance, policy and government added a strength to the CBAC that we all appreciated. He asked tough questions of the staff they met with, and helped get to the core of issues. We are fortunate to have him in the CBAC program.

Anna Carey, Non-Departmental CBAC – Anna was a new Non-D CBAC member this year. An admittedly shy person, Anna found her voice, made her opinions known and ended up presenting to the Board of Commissioners. She put in lots of extra hours as a member. We appreciate her passion, and commitment to the process.

Raphaela Haessler, Non-Departmental CBAC – Raphaela was a new Non-D CBAC member this year. She has a quick understanding of issues, and has a way of clearly speaking and writing about them. With committee contribution, she authored the CBAC report, which is a large task even for a long-time member. She is a treasure on this CBAC.

Tyra Black, Non-Departmental CBAC (Honorary Member) – Tyra is an honorary member of this CBAC, she is active on a number of County committees. She attends Non-Departmental CBAC meetings regularly as a committed county resident because she cares. Her knowledge of local issues is extensive, and her enthusiasm to learn and help resolve problems is vast. We appreciate her dedication to the county.

Mariel St. Savage, Dept. of County Human Services CBAC – Mariel stepped up to participate as our committee representative on the Central CBAC this year. She did a wonderful job of relaying feedback from our CBAC to the Central CBAC. She kept CBAC members up to date on the budgetary issues other CBACs were facing during this difficult year of constraint. Mariel is a calm and consistent voice of the diverse public that DCHS serves.

Steve Weiss, Dept. of County Human Services CBAC – Steve is a long-time County volunteer. He served as the Chair of this year’s DCHS CBAC. He provided strong, consistent leadership for the group as it formed its recommendations for the Board and the Chair.

Keith Vann, Dept. of County Human Services CBAC – Keith is a quiet, yet strong advocate for the County’s most vulnerable populations, such as our elders, disabled, or people living in poverty or without shelter. He always provided thoughtful input to the CBAC, providing a compass for the needs of the diverse populations DCHS serves.

Dwight Holton, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office CBAC – MCSO was honored to have Dwight Holton serve as our CBAC Chair this year. His understanding of the criminal justice system and the progressive role public safety plays within it advanced the review of our Agency’s financial portfolio. Mr. Holton’s willingness to volunteer is fueled by his compassion for people and belief in public service. Thank you, Dwight Holton. MCSO remains grateful for your experience and expertise.

Jim Lasher, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office CBAC – MCSO was honored to have Jim Lasher continue his distinguished tenure with our CBAC this year. Mr. Lasher served as Central CBAC Chair previously. His historic perspective of Multnomah County’s budget process and thorough understanding of public safety operations advanced the review of our Agency’s financial portfolio. Mr. Lasher’s willingness to volunteer is fueled by his commitment to community and improving services in East County. Thank you, Jim. MCSO remains grateful to you.

Department of Community Services – Animal Services

Linda Guckert – Linda comes in on Tuesdays and volunteers in the cattery. She also comes in on Fridays to help in Client Services. She fostered bottle babies, and recently adopted two kittens from MCAS. She is a dedicated volunteer who is genuine, sweet and caring. She is incredibly talented in computer programming and has given us lessons on using Excel. We thank Linda for her teaching, and care of animals.

Alana Vitron – She is always willing to help with anything. She does a wonderful job in the kitten trailer, adoptions, surgery, and we’ve even had her help in the hospital when we were short staffed. She is always willing to pitch in, and does it with a smile. This amazing young woman puts in so many hours with her mother in the kitten triage program. She has helped save many kittens’ lives by feeding them, helping with exams, and other tasks of fostering. She also works with the dogs and helps in surgery one day a week. She is a joy and inspiration.

Ruth Fay – Ruth has been volunteering in the office for about 13 years. She truly is our right-hand person. We can trust her with the most important duties. Ruth comes in on the Mondays we’re closed for holidays. She is extremely dependable, smart, and loves animals. She is polite and professional with a good sense of humor. I cannot say enough about her. She is super duper!

Jessica Heller – Jessica is always wearing a smile and asking how she can help more. She is cross trained in so many areas and helps out anywhere that needs her. Her happy personality is infectious and brightens our day.

Alice Stratch – Alice is always up for another transport to the four corners of the state and beyond. She fosters dozens of bottles babies and is easy-going when plans change. Thousands of tiny kittens are alive today because of her!

MacKenzie Jones – MacKenzie always helps the front counter. She also helps people in the adoption areas, which is not easy. She always does it with a positive word and charming smile!

Ray Kolberg – We appreciate Ray for always helping, fixing things and doing so much for the shelter. He purchased comfortable chairs for our clients to sit on. Helping to create a comfortable environment is critical here at the shelter. We so appreciate Ray!

Joint Office of Homeless Services – A Home for Everyone

Volunteers Art Rios and Alexandra Appleton volunteer with the Joint Office for Homeless Services

Alexandra Appleton – Alexandra is a volunteer member of our coordinating Board. She lends her experience and expertise to help guide strategies to end homelessness. Alexandra is a passionate advocate and highly respected member of the Board, devoting her time in multiple capacities: consistently using a racial justice lens to speak out for survivors of domestic violence, marginalized populations and those impacted by an intersection of oppression; often working all day at a local nonprofit shelter; volunteering with multiple agencies and initiatives dedicated to people impacted by houselessness, racism, and domestic and sexual violence. Much of this work is unpaid, and yet she approaches it with admirable commitment. Her dedication to our collaborative and the community is an inspiration to us all.

Art Rios, Sr. – Art, a steadfast advocate for over 20 years, uses his own experiences to inform the work he does as a member of our Board and in our community. He is known for being someone who can be counted on to provide practical, on-the-ground insight about issues that need consideration. Art is that voice at the table who makes people think how they can be better and more compassionate towards one another in any situation.

Michael Thurman – Michael is a dedicated member of our Board. He lends his experience serving on the Ryan White Council, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for those infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS, and to ensuring that members of our community play lead roles in the planning and assessment of HIV resources. Michael can identify with the unique challenges that our low-income neighbors experience on a daily basis. This lens is a critical piece of the advisory responsibilities of AHFE. Michael remains committed to his role on our Board and the community it serves.

Susan Madar – As a trauma survivor, Susan is deeply involved in the needs of the disabled. She has battled challenges throughout her life, and channeled her strife into a lifelong career of positive community outreach and mental health advocacy. She has volunteered for over 20 years as a mental health advocate as well as in a ministry of listening, affirmation and empowerment advocacy to extremely low-income adults. She has also volunteered as a domestic violence advocate, a commissioner with Elders in Action, President of United Methodist Women, and manager of a weekly food pantry for individuals diagnosed with mental illness. Susan has been a regular attendee of our Board since August 2014, and has brought much knowledge and passion to the table.

Kevin Fitts – Kevin is a passionate human and civil rights advocate. He is deeply ingrained in the mental health/addictions and consumer/survivor communities in the Portland Metro area. He is well-informed on health and social policy not only at the state but also at the federal level. Kevin has served on many initiatives, boards, councils and committees as a public mental health consumer and peer advocate. To this day, he remains engaged in our Coordinating Board and its associated meetings. We want to thank Kevin for his selfless dedication to this community.

Maurice Evans – Maurice is a long-standing member of our Board and a dedicated member of the A Home for Everyone (AHFE) Equity Lens Task Force. He speaks to the specific housing barriers and needs of people who are HIV positive and homeless, from both professional and lived experience. His passion for racial and social justice makes him a critical voice in our AHFE equity planning efforts. Maurice maintains strong connections in the local African American and LGBTQ community while being a tireless advocate for those experiencing mental illness and substance abuse. He has over 20 years of HIV prevention and outreach experience and serves effectively as a liaison to AHFE for many marginalized groups. Maurice brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique lens to our Board, and we honor his dedication with this award.

Regional Arts and Culture Council

Phillip Hillaire – Phillip is a model board member – extremely engaged in his committee work, thoughtful in his decision-making process, and a skillful ambassador. He is supportive of staff and sensitive to the community’s needs. He consistently advocates for the inclusion of Native artists.

Community Health Council (CHC)

Fabiola Arreola – Fabiola is an important member of the Board. We appreciate her perspective as a patient, mother, student and member of the community.

Sue Burns – Sue brings a special expertise to the Council; her leadership and knowledge are greatly admired and appreciated.

Tara Marshall – Tara has stepped up and become a great leader for the Council. As Chair, she sets a strong, professional and positive example for the other members.

Pedro Sandoval Prieto – Pedro is always welcoming and helpful to new members and guests. We very much value his perspective and insights as a member of the Latino community.

Dave Aguayo – Dave is our newest member. He has shown amazing, committed enthusiasm by previously attending numerous CHC meetings on his own time to learn about it before becoming a member.

Jon Cole – As a new CHC member, Jon has jumped right into action and participation with a great attitude and drive to advocate for patients and LGBTQ youth in our community.

Robyn Ellis – Robyn has brought her expertise and compassionate heart to the Council, and has served for several years. She works, is going to school, and still finds the time to commit to the work of the Community Health Council.

Iris Hodge – Iris brings her passion for health equity and advocacy as well as her sharp eye for details to the CHC. She is an incredibly valuable asset to our organization.

Wendy Shumway – Wendy always offers to help in any way that she can. She has served for many years on the CHC, and is a highly valued member.


Volunteers with the library celebrate during the 2018 volunteer awards.

Sue Wochnick – Sue is a volunteer with Youth Services Outreach / Books 2 U and Title Wave Used Book Store. Sue has one of the less glamorous jobs (shelving books and checking things in), but her work is critical to the success of our after-school program. She helps keep track of who’s using books, comments different sites make, and the condition of the materials. We find her work to be invaluable.

Lizette Sayavedra-Herrera – Lizette is a volunteer at Troutdale Library. She is a sweet, friendly and motivated teen volunteer. Whether it’s pulling holds for patrons, advertising library programs among her peers, or assisting with Spanish storytime, she is willing to help with whatever is needed. At storytime, she is a bubble-blowing queen!

Reva Basch – For more than 11 years Reva has been organizing and refreshing our Woodstock Library community bulletin board. This is a fantastic community resource and looks good because of Reva. Many thanks to Reva!

Nancy Woo – Nancy is a volunteer with Library Outreach Services. She is a joy to have around and is always ready and willing to try new things. She helps us process materials for the Shelter Program, shelves books, packs orders, helps out with Cantonese-speaking patrons at a senior apartment visit, and works one-on-one with a homebound patron as a Words on Wheels volunteer. She does it all, with a smile and a can-do attitude.

Deanna Dye – Deanna is a dedicated Branch Assistant in the Gregory Heights Library. She is very dependable and has a pleasant demeanor. She is always willing to help out and fill in for people, sometimes at the last minute. To our knowledge, she’s never even taken a day off from her volunteering!

Carmen Ruiz – Carmen has been an exemplary volunteer for the We Speak Your Language services at Multnomah County Library since 2010. She has contributed to Outreach Services in many ways, including conducting outreach at parks, schools, churches, etc. She helps to pack books and supplies in preparation for staff outreach; helps with culturally specific programs for the Latino community; and so much more. Carmen’s outstanding commitment and dedication to the community is remarkable.

Earl Dizon – Earl is an amazing volunteer. He is friendly, witty and an exceptionally hard worker. He comes into Multnomah County Library’s Every Child Department every week without fail. He will do any task we ask of him with great attention to detail. We prepare for his visit by giving him mountains of books to sticker, hundreds of bags to stuff, truckloads of books to shelve, and somehow, he always finishes the tasks. Earl’s passion for literacy and his dedication to the library are evident; he comes to us from his work at a local children’s bookstore and shares his love and knowledge of children’s literature right along with us. He eagerly recommends new books before we have even seen them. Earl is currently working on writing his own children’s book. We hope to one day find that book on the shelves in our own Every Child Department.

Linh Oliver – Linh, a teen volunteer, has done exemplary work as Branch Assistant and Teen Council member at Midland Library. She has special duties helping with book ordering, as an emcee with the Lunar New Year, and finally, this year, leading a new event called Celebrating Cultures! We appreciate Linh!

Fernando Rojas Galván – Fernando brings warmth, compassion, sensitivity and expertise to Kenton’s Spanish book group “El Rincon Literario.” He makes sure to include everyone in these book discussions, provides deep insight into literary works, social dynamics and nuances of regional Spanish dialects. Fernando helps our group choose books that are engaging and accessible. Plus, he is super friendly and responsive! It is an honor to work alongside Fernando to help this book group thrive.

Pat Gebhardt – Pat has been volunteering at Midland Library for more than six years and has done a fantastic job. She shows up on time, and when our branch needs extra help, she volunteers to give additional hours. She is a detail-oriented person, very quiet and so kind to everyone.