Program Model

The program model provides a comprehensive description of services to be provided under Community Services for Older Adults contracts January 2018-December 2022. It also contains information about program purpose, culturally responsive and culturally specific services, administrative requirements, and other requirements that will apply to all contractors awarded funds for these services.

ADVSD Community Services Program Model 11/30/2017 (1.58 MB)

Features of the Program Area

The following documents provide a quick visual tool to help explain the important features of the program area.
Transportation Coordination (1.97 MB)
Nutrition Services (1.77 MB)
Information & Referral Assistance (1.83 MB)
Health Promotion (2.09 MB)
Focal Point & Recreation (1.99 MB)
Case Management & Options Counseling (2.3 MB)

Funding Allocation and Program Design

This document explains the processes that helped guide the changes in funding allocation and program design.
Programming Equity and Funding Allocation (687.26 KB)

Funding Scenario Demo
This workbook was used to inform the Equity & Allocations workgroup of the demographics of older adults in Multnomah County and to discuss and explore the impact of various allocation scenarios to culturally specific and regional providers.

Service Data Tables (61.95 KB)
This document provides service units and client count for FY 16 and prorated FY 17 by region and program.