Contract Reporting

Here are some examples of current invoice and reporting forms and instructions.

Current Invoice Form for District Centers (14.59 KB)

Instructions for District Center Invoice (163.22 KB)

Instructions for reporting additional resources on invoice (65.76 KB)

Information and Assistance reporting form (13.16 KB)

Focal Point reporting form (28.43 KB)

Instructions for Focal Point reporting form (72.03 KB)

Case Management reporting form (10.08 KB)

Evidence Based Health Promotion (EBHP) Attendance tracker (165.19 KB)

Instructions for reporting EBHP activities (666.12 KB)

Instructions for entering EBHP activities into Google Calendar (300.58 KB)

Contract Expectations

ADVSD Community Services is committed to supporting contractors to meet the requirements of our contracts. We are developing systems to help clarify expectations and also ensure that ADVSD treats contractors fairly and consistently. The attached  Contract Performance Response Manual draft (3.08 MB)shows the types of performance issues that can arise and how ADVSD plans to work with contractors to resolve them. It also includes the metrics that we are tracking monthly as an "early warning system." This document is a first draft; we are interested in feedback and suggestions for improvement in our processes.