The user access team is here to help get partner agency staff the database resources they need to complete the important work they do for Multnomah county residents.

Examples include:

  • Oregon Access
  • Universal Client Registry (UCR)
  • Hostexplorer
  • Getcare
  • Citrix

The user access team can also help troubleshoot, provide guidance and resolve minor technical issues. Inquiries of this nature can be submitted via this web form.

Agencies with staff who require access to these systems must complete a 784 form and submit it via an encrypted email to Using this form allows the user access team to provide the access credentials required, quickly and efficiently, based on the roles users will be filling at their individual agencies.

Request website edits, ask questions about information on this site, or ask about calendar events through this Google Form.

Partners and providers only: If you need further assistance or are unable to locate a resource, please fill out this web form.