Grandmother and grandaughterThe Family Caregiver Support Program serves grandparents and other non-parent relatives, age 55 and older by linking them to:

  • Programs that may provide financial assistance
  • Educational opportunities
  • Grandparent support groups
  • After-school activities for their children


Raising Grandchildren/Relative Children 

If you are an older adult taking care of a relative child 18 or younger or an adult relative who has a disability age 18 or older you could get up to $1200, and additional funds if you are caring for more than 3 children. The grant can be used to pay for

  • after school activities
  • childcare provided by licensed and insured agencies
  • summer camps
  • school clothing
  • adaptive equipment for the child with special needs, and/or
  • self-care activities for the grandparent/elder relative client (i.e. parks and recreation programs, massage, etc) 

Call the ADRC Helpline at (503) 988.3646 to speak to someone who can help you access the funds.