foster grandparent at Lincoln park elementary Highlight: Mrs. Jeannis

Lincoln Park Elementary School is proud to have the Foster Grandparent Program. 

Mrs. Jeannis is a volunteer grandparent who comes in daily to read and help students with their math skills.  Not only does Mrs. Jeannis assist with academics, but her enthusiasm for learning and her commitment to children also builds their confidence.  The children and adults she comes into contact with are enamored by her lively and loving spirit.  She is a positive role model with whom they can connect personally.

Apply to volunteer at Lincoln Park elementary

Visit our application page to get started or call 503-988-6717.

What grades you could volunteer in

Teachers from Kindergarten to grade 5 are looking forward to having foster grandparents volunteer to mentor and assist students in their classrooms.


Opportunities are available Monday-Friday between 8-3.  Nekicia Lucket, Station Coordinator for Lincoln Park Elementary School.


13200 SE Lincoln St, 
Portland, OR 97233

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