Summary of Intent for the Program: To assist Operators with providing appropriate technology to support residents who would like to visit their loved ones virtually. During this time residents may be feeling isolated and family and friends may be anxious about the well-being of their loved ones. Our hope is to help providers address concerns about managing requests for visitation during COVID-19 pandemic and restricted visitation.

Please complete the device borrowing agreement and send it by email to or fax to 503 988-5722. The ACHP will call you to make arrangements to drop off the device.  

Device Borrowing Agreement (84.96 KB)

ACHP Electronic Device Borrowing Program FAQ

Question: What if the borrowed device gets damaged or broken?

Answer:  No problem. We expect accidents may happen, so please return and we will repair it.

Question: Is the device user-friendly for residents with different levels of dexterity?

Answer:  We have some adaptive equipment that may make it easier for residents to use.

Question: What about residents who do not know how to use the device? 

Answer:  The device will come with easy to follow instructions. Our hope is that providers will assist residents using the device. 

Question: Can I count my assistance with a virtual  provider as a sponsored activity?

Answer: Yes, virtual visits between residents and loved ones can count for weekly activity hours. Even if you just set  the device up and leave the room.

Question: With the device, do I get a list of virtual communication websites that are trusted and safe to use?

Answer: Tablets will be programmed with the most common trusted applications out there that support virtual visits  like Facebook, FaceTime, etc. We encourage providers to read the device’s user agreement to residents.

Question:  Do we get to borrow one device per home or resident?

Answer: One device per home.

Question: Can a resident use the device for a virtual doctor appointment? 

Answer: Yes, if the doctor’s office allows.