Qualifying Testing is temporarily postponed at this time. 

Information for DD-Caregivers Applicants: ACHP will now temporarily accept self-certification from DD caregiver applicants and issue preliminary approval while testing is suspended. To receive this temporary preliminary approval, DD caregiver applicants must submit the DD Basic Training Module Verification Sheet, located on page 3 of the DD basic training manual, affirming that they have studied the manual. Once this is submitted, the DD-Caregiver Applicant will be provided, via email, a Temporary Preliminary Approval Letter to start work with the restriction to not work alone. Applicants must give a copy to the Operator they would like to work for. Preliminary approvals are usually processed within 2 business days of all other requirements being submitted. 

Once testing resumes all DD caregiver applicants with this temporary preliminary approval will be contacted to register and take the DD Qualifying test. All applicants will be required to take and pass the test as soon as possible to continue working. If the applicant does not take and pass the DD Qualifying test, the temporary role will expire and they will no longer be approved to work. They will need to submit a new caregiver application and take and pass the DD Qualifying test in order to be approved. 

ACHP can provide 1-on-1 testing if there is urgent need for a DD-Caregiver applicant to be able to work alone. Please call 503-988-3000 to schedule.

Information for Resident Manager or Operator Applicants: While testing is suspended, ACHP can provide 1-on-1 testing if there is urgent need. Please call 503-988-3000 to schedule.

Qualifying Test Registration

The Adult Care Home Program offers two different Qualifying Tests. There is no charge for the tests offered by ACHP. 

  1. The Developmental Disabilities Qualifying Test is required for all caregivers, resident managers, and operators prior to providing direct care to residents. This test is based on the DD Basic Training Manual. Please study the manual before taking this test. 
  2. The APD Qualifying Test is required for APD and MHA resident managers and operators, and for caregivers who want to become resident manager-qualified. This test is based on the APD Basic Training (Ensuring Quality Care) and on the ACHP Orientation. Please complete these courses before taking this test. 

Qualifying Test Dates: 

Postponed until further notice please read above for information on what is needed to get a preliminary approval. 

Basic Training Materials

    English Test

    English Test


    The English Test is required for all resident managers and operators, and may be required for some caregivers. There are no training requirements or study materials for this test. The Adult Care Home Program has partnered with Mt. Hood Community College to offer this test for ACHP applicants. The test includes a reading assessment and a listening assessment. The cost is $23.50. Retests, if needed, are $11.50 each. Follow the steps below. Find more details here(link is external).  

    Step 1:  Obtain an MHCC ID#. To do this, please apply for admission to the college by completing the General Admission Application located at https://www.mhcc.edu/Apply/(link is external)

    Step 2:  After receiving your ID#, visit https://www.registerblast.com/mhcc/exam  to schedule and pay for your exam. A very limited number of appointments are available and are restricted to Mondays and Thursdays only. In addition, testing will only be available at the Gresham campus.

    Please note: If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, you MUST do so more than 24-hours in advance. Failure to cancel or reschedule more than 24-hours in advance will result in your testing fees being forfeited. $3.50 of your fee ($1.50 if retesting) will not be refunded, regardless of how far in advance you cancel.

    Step 3:  When you arrive on campus for your appointment, please park in Lot F and proceed directly to Testing Services, Building 13, Room 2335. Please wait outside and a staff member will let you in at your appointment time. Please bring photo ID. You will be required to wear a mask while inside Testing Services.

    Mt. Hood Community College administers the CASAS Life & Work tests for the Adult Care Home Program. CASAS has provided sample test questions for both the reading assessment and listening assessment to help testers get familiar with the format and to practice taking the tests. 

    Mandatory Abuse Reporter Training

    Classes can be found on Workday. In order to see class dates you will need to create a profile and enter Workday. Instructions on how to do that can be found below. 

    Instructions on Creating Workday Account (3.42 MB)

    DD Mandatory Abuse Reporting: Click here

    MHA Mandatory Abuse Reporting: Click here

    APD Mandatory Abuse Reporting: Click here

    Pre-Service Dementia Training

    Effective 12/1/18 all new APD providers must take an approved class on dementia care before they care work with residents or be approved for any APD role.

    • All currently approved APD providers must be able to show that you have completed this required course. 
    • Below are approved trainings with online options. Click on the following links for additional information:
      • Free, Six hour, seven course online training bundle: "Pre-Service Dementia Training for Direct Care Staff" from Oregon Care Partners online courses through Relias. You must complete all seven courses and pass a test for each course in order to receive a certificate of completion.  For further assistance you can find a step by step instructions here - Dementia Training Sign up Instructions (284.55 KB)
      • $39, 2.5 hour, online webinar with Oregon Care Home Consulting & Training Pre-Service Dementia Training  Use the link to sign up for the next scheduled webinar.

    Food Handler Training

    • Operators, Resident Managers and caregivers who want to become resident-manager-qualified or who will be left in charge of the home during an Operator or Resident Manager's absence must complete a one-time food handler training.
    • The Multnomah County Health Department website provides a food handler study guide/training manual and information on how to get a food handler card. 
    • Please note that not all food handler cards are approved in the state of Oregon. The Oregon Health Authority’s public health office lists approved and unapproved food handler training and cards here.

    Fire Safety

    Operators, Resident Managers, and caregivers who want to be resident-manager-qualified must complete the online fire safety training and test available at the Workday Portal. If you have not created an account yet instructions to create a Workday account can be found here : Workday Login Info (3.42 MB)

    Use this link after you have created a Workday account: Fire Safety Link