Are you a new operator planning to open a DD adult care home? You risk major business challenges due to a county-wide shortage of residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Current DD care homes are struggling to fill empty beds and new operators will face similar challenges.

Due to these challenges, the Adult Care Home Program (ACHP) no longer encourages new operators to apply for licenses to open DD adult care homes.

"We want new operators to thrive as small business owners," said Steve Esser, ACHP program manager. "Unfortunately, opening a new DD home when there are so many beds vacant in current DD homes isn't a good business plan. Without residents, new DD care homes could struggle and fail, resulting in money problems for operators."

If you have questions about opening a new adult care home, complete the ACHP orientation before you sign a lease or purchase a home. To enroll in orientation, call 503-988-3000.

Although Multnomah County has a shortage of I/DD residents, other counties are in need of new DD adult care home operators.

What Populations Live in Adult Care Homes?

ACHP provides licenses to operators for different kinds of populations: 

  • Intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)
  • Aging patients and people with physical disabilities (APD)
  • Mental health and addictions (MHA)
  • Room and board

This differs from the approach of other states. Multnomah County has a great need for new APD and MHA care homes.

Can an Operator Move APD Residents Into a DD Adult Care Home?

An operator cannot move residents from other populations into a DD care home without first receiving written approval to care for that specific population. ACHP approval is not guaranteed.

To receive an exception, operators must demonstrate hands-on experience working with APD or MHA residents. Applicants will be denied if they are unable to prove their hands-on experience providing care to the population. Operators, resident managers and caregivers must fulfill other requirements as well.


Email or call 503-988-3000. 

Learn more about how to become an adult care home operator.