You must:

  • Pass a background check processed by the Adult Care Home Program as an operator applicant
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Demonstrate 7th grade level English proficiency by passing an exam administered by the Adult Care Home Program
  • Have enough financial resources to cover the cost of running your business for two months
  • Be physically fit and able to provide care as verified by a medical practitioner
  • Have at least the equivalent of 12 months (1664 hours) verifiable caregiving experience
  • Complete an eight hour Adult Care Home operator orientation, a 32 hour basic training course, and pass the Multnomah County qualifying exam
  • Own or lease a home that meets structural and safety requirements – refer to the Multnomah County Administrative Rules, starting with rule 023-100-105 on page 68. 023-100-615 on page 75. Before you buy or rent a house, review these Multnomah County Administrative rules!