September 11, 2020

The threat of wildfire is not increasing in Multnomah County. Clackamas Fire and Portland Fire & Rescue confirm the fires in Clackamas County are not moving in a way that would shift any part of Multnomah County to an evacuation level. As a result, there are no orders of evacuation in Multnomah County.

Evacuation levels are set based on fire behavior, weather patterns, evacuation routes, health system vulnerability and other public safety concerns. The incident commander on a fire evaluates those factors with law enforcement, which will perform the evacuation orders. 

Portland Fire & Rescue and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office are working closely with the Clackamas Fire incident commander to monitor and gauge fire behavior and risk. 

There are three levels of evacuation so that people who need extra time or extra needs will have that time to safely evacuate.

Some areas of Clackamas County near Multnomah County have been moved into an evacuation Level 1 or 2  to prepare for possible future evacuation, allowing first responders to prioritize those in a Level 3. 

Wildfires, unhealthy air quality and the uncertainty of disasters cause anxiety and elevated concern. Multnomah County will immediately respond to any change in our readiness, posting that information on,, in news releases to the media, and on Multnomah County and Portland Fire social media. 

Multnomah County residents are urged to learn about evacuation levels and gather and plan for the 6 Ps:

  • Pets

  • Prescriptions

  • Important papers (birth and marriage certificates, titles, military records)

  • Personal treasures: photos, irreplaceable family heirlooms

  • Personal computers, hard drives.

  • Plastic (credit and debit cards, driver’s licenses)

You can also reach out for help. The Multnomah County mental health crisis line is available 24/7 at 503-988-4888.