Who are Assertive Engagement trainings for?

The Assertive Engagement Initiative is open to anyone in the community. However, because of the high demand for the AE 101 training, we are currently focused on agencies funded through the Department of County Human Service's Youth and Family Services Division, including:

We also prioritize training for agencies contracted with the Joint Office of Homeless Services, including 

Contact us if your organization or agency is outside of this scope and we can talk about out how to work together.

How much does it cost to attend training?

AE trainings through Multnomah County are currently provided free of charge.

Occasionally, we present at conferences or as guests in training series, and our partners may charge a fee to offset their own costs.

What types of trainings are offered?

AE trainings are highly interactive and strive to build connections among participants as well as offering tools to use in the workplace.

  • AE 101 is a foundational 4-day training for those who work with clients, participants, youth, and/or families. AE 101 is also useful for those who work in management, office, or administrative roles (such as front desk staff or staff supervisors.)

  • AE for Supervisors and Managers is a 1-day training focused on using AE skills in supervision with staff. AE 101 training is a recommended prerequisite for this training.

  • AE Refresher is a 1-day training for those with previous training on AE to revisit skills and connect with one another. Additional refreshers can be scheduled upon request.

  • AE Community of Ongoing Practice (COOP) meets most months of the year to focus and deepen their understanding around core concepts embedded in the AE framework. Consider joining the ae-community-of-practice@multco.us Google group to get meeting reminders and updates for the COOP. If you have any trouble joining, contact AEinfo@multco.us and we'll get you added!

2022 Schedule of AE 101 Trainings 

***AE trainings will take place virtually in Fall 2022. Dates are TBD and registration will be announced in early September.

We are currently developing self-paced video training modules to provide folks with flexible tools and a baseline understanding of the Assertive Engagement curriculum. In addition, we are launching the search for new locations to host the 3-day in person AE trainings and hope to have more updates about this process by early 2023. Thank you for your continued understanding and patience.

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For accurate and up-to-date information about the COVID-19 virus, please refer to Multnomah County's dedicated COVID-19 web page.***

Please contact the AE Facilitation team at aeinfo@multco.us if you would like information about upcoming training sessions or information about Assertive Engagement.


For questions or comments contact aeinfo@multco.us