Oregon's business environment changed significantly in 2020.  Here are some tips for filing your company's Confidential Personal Property Return.

The County recognizes that business owners are experiencing unprecedented economic challenges due to COVID-19. However, the Oregon State Legislature has not issued any variance from this mandated filing.

The Business Personal Property filing process remains the same as in previous years:

  • All businesses are required to report as of January 1st. ORS 308.250
  • Return Forms and Asset Lists have been mailed to businesses on record with Multnomah County.
  • If you did not receive an Asset List, please request an electronic copy at ppreturns@multco.us.
  • Business Personal Property Tax Returns are due March 15th.
  • Multnomah County does not have the authority to waive the filing requirement nor the penalty for filing late. 

The status of your business may change the way you file and your assessability

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have experienced temporary closures.  The status of your business on January 1st,  may determine how you file and the assessability of your property (ORS 308.250).

On January 1st, if your business was:

Open – continuing in business, assets remain in place

Open businesses should file as usual reporting additions and deletions.

Closed Temporarily due to Covid-19 restrictions - assets remain in place with intention to re-open when restrictions lift

Businesses that are/were temporarily closed should file as usual reporting additions and deletions.

Out of Business - ceased doing business, assets disposed, scrapped, or abandoned

If your company is out of business, complete the Business Closed section on your Business Personal Property Return.

You must:

  • Give the date you were out of business.
  • Give the date and disposition of assets on list; i.e. sold, scrapped, back to private ownership, abandoned in place.
  • If assets were abandoned in place, include name and contact information of the person now in possession.

If you are reporting an out of business event and do not have a Confidential Personal Property Return, please complete and file an Out of Business or Sale Notification form (55.06 KB)

Business Sold

If your business sold, follow the instructions for notifying the Assessor.

We've created a page with answers to frequently asked questions.  For other questions, please contact the Multnomah County Business Personal Property Valuation Section at 503.988.6332.