Do you receive multiple property tax bills for the same property?  Sometimes this is required for administrative purposes.  Other times requesting a consolidation can allow you to receive only one bill.

If your property consists of multiple tax lots, bought and sold as one, you may wish to consider consolidation.  Criteria must be met and you must complete a Request for Consolidation Form (57.22 KB)

Some properties cannot be consolidated for administrative reasons:

Tax District Boundary

When a boundary runs through the middle of a parcel, DART makes a separate account for each piece.  For example, the part in the city, and the part not in the city may have different tax rates.

Map Boundary

Parcels too big to fit on our tax maps may be mapped in two or more pieces.  Each piece has its own account and map tax lot number.  But they stay linked in our records.

State Fire Patrol

Rural properties may be protected by a fire district as well as the Oregon Department of Forestry Fire Patrol.  Fire districts respond to structure fires; the fire patrol responds to wild land fires.  DART makes separate accounts so we can collect the taxes and fees for each.

Contact DART Customer Service with any questions about your tax bill.