Core competencies are a group of skills and attributes that employees need to carry out their work effectively. 

Competencies anchor all parts of the employment experience: recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, training, and performance management. They provide a common language for describing professional behaviors important for the organization’s success, based on its values, mission, and multiple cultures.

Multnomah County uses a Competency Model that applies to all employees in all departments to ensure consistency and clear expectations.
Racially Just | Promoting Equity | Outcomes Oriented | Navigating Change | Learning Agility | Leadership | Creativity and Innovation | Communication | Building Relationships | Acting with Integrity

Racially Just

Committed to specific actions aimed at promoting respect for racial differences and eliminating prejudice and implicit bias. Whenever possible acts as a champion and ally in racial justice work and strives to eliminate oppression and white privilege in the workplace and the community. Is sensitive to subtle expressions of bias and discrimination (microaggressions) and interrupts them. Educates others when discrimination and bias are recognized .

Promoting Equity

Sustains policies and practices that advance equity. Deconstructs barriers to equity. Creates effective, responsive strategies to promote safety, belonging, and trust, both within the workforce and within communities. Cultivates work environments that value truth telling, courage and vulnerability, space to think and reflect, community-mindedness, shared power, hope, and openness to difficult conversations.

Outcomes Oriented

Strives to fulfill commitments and responsibilities and holds self accountable for successful outcomes. Describes specific, measurable outcomes that indicate success and negotiates realistic time frames to complete work, projects, initiatives, and/or strategies. Keeps others informed and pro-actively negotiates timelines or outcomes if circumstances change.

Navigating Change

Adopts new competencies and techniques as needed to respond to a complex, uncertain, and sometimes volatile environment. Accepts change as an inevitable part of work and adapts plans as needed. Demonstrates self-awareness and emotional self regulation under pressure and readily offers support and encouragement to others. Tolerates ambiguity and stress, takes appropriate care of self, and asks for help when needed.

Consistently shows an awareness of changing workplace trends and the ability and desire to adapt skills and knowledge, and encourages others to do the same, in order to stay current. Identifies issues and educates self and others regarding paths to problem resolution. Actively seeks additional knowledge for self or others in order to understand and obtain relevant information, and improve work outcomes.

Demonstrates an understanding of the culture, political nature and interpersonal relationships that drive success at the County. Leads by example and moves work forward through personal actions and collaboration. Provides meaningful feedback regarding the nature, design and intended outcomes of work in relation to the needs and demands of the County and the communities it serves. Shows respect and appreciation for others' contributions and offers help willingly. Shows resilience, can bounce back from stressful challenges, and uses constructive outlets for tension and frustrations.

Seeks, advocates for, and implements improved methods, systems, and approaches to meet changing organizational needs. Encourages a work environment of imagination, critical thinking, and innovation. Encourages new ideas and bold thinking and demonstrates a willingness to learn from mistakes. Understands industry best practices and champions efforts to continuously update and expand knowledge. Whenever possible, listens to and incorporates the voices and perspectives of service users and community members.

Clearly and effectively shares information and encourages conversation with and information flow to employees, partners and community members. Provides timely information necessary for others to make informed decisions and to avoid surprises.

Creates mutually beneficial relationships with co-workers, customers, community members, and/or clients based on understanding and respect. Is mindful of the feelings and expectations of others and uses tact and self-awareness to navigate conflict effectively and to foster social harmony.

Acts in a manner that is consistently truthful, reliable, trustworthy and transparent in words and actions. Shows high regard for Multnomah County's Code of Ethics and the values that inform government service. Actively seeks consultation when resolving ethical dilemmas. Speaks candidly and honestly about complex ethical issues and makes tough decisions based on the best interests of the County and its community members.