DART Public Access Terminal (PAT)

Usage Agreement

These computers are a public resource for accessing recorded information and research. Please read rules carefully and then agree to terms of use.

The Multnomah County Division of Assessment and Taxation (DART) is committed to providing safe and welcoming environments for all individuals visiting one of our locations to perform research and conduct business. The following rules protect the rights and safety of visitors and staff members, and preserve and protect the DART’s materials, facilities and property.

These rules apply to use of publicly-available computer terminals and spaces maintained by DART or used by it for operations.

Listed below are the DART rules. DART personnel will determine whether a particular behavior is prohibited by the rules. People who violate the rules may be asked to cease use of DART terminals and leave the premises, and may be excluded from all County premises for a period of time, by authority of Multnomah County Executive Rule No. 252.


Research time is limited to 1 hour per day.

Terminals are to be used for the

  • Digital Research Room.
  • Marriage Applications.

Terminals are not to be used for any other purposes.

  • Capturing of images is not permitted (e.g., photography, screen capture, thumb drive, etc.). Document fees are charged under ORS 205.320.

Document Fees:

  • Standard copies: 25 cents per page.
  • Certified Copies: $4 for the first page, 25 cents for each extra page (per document).


  1. Committing or attempting to commit any activity that would constitute a violation of any federal, state, or local criminal statute or ordinance.
  2. Directing a specific threat of physical harm against an individual, group of individuals, or property.  Violation of this rule will result in a minimum exclusion of one year.
  3. Entering or remaining upon DART premises with an unauthorized weapon.
  4. Engaging in conduct that disrupts or interferes with the normal operation of the DART lobby, or disturbs DART staff or patrons, including, but not limited to, conduct that involves the use of abusive or threatening language or gestures, conduct that creates unreasonable noise, or conduct that consists of loud or boisterous physical behavior or talking.
  5. Using DART equipment, furniture, fixtures, or buildings in a manner inconsistent with the customary use thereof; or in a destructive, abusive or potentially damaging manner; or in a manner likely to cause personal injury to the actor or others.
  6. Not following the reasonable direction of a DART staff member.
  7. Using personal belongings in a manner that interferes with the operation of DART facilities.
  8. No food or drink of any kind is allowed in the DART lobby.
  9. Violating DART’s rules for acceptable use of the internet and public terminals.
  10. Filming or photographing any customer or staff member without prior consent.
  11. Refusing to comply with existing health and safety regulations of the Multnomah building.

Inappropriate behavior as outlined above or the commission of any crime on County property will have consequences.

Customers may be asked to leave the County premises immediately. In addition, a customer may be barred from County premises temporarily or permanently depending on the severity of the offense. To enforce these policies,County staff are authorized to call for a security guard, police assistance, or take any other measures reasonably appropriate and necessary.

I understand that if I do not comply with this agreement that my access will be terminated.

I agree to these terms and conditions