Disabled veterans may be entitled to a property tax exemption.

You must meet three requirements to qualify:

  1. Own and live in a Multnomah County home as your primary residence.
  2. You must be certified as 40 percent or more disabled by the Department of Veteran Affairs, US Armed Forces, or an independent licensed physician. (Veterans certified by an independent licensed physician must also meet an income requirement).
  3. You must have received an honorable discharge from active duty.

Required Documentation:

  1. Proof of honorable discharge, AND
  2. Certification of disability

You can submit your claim along with the required documentation listed above to: dart.special.programs@multco.us
Or mail to:
Multnomah County Assessment, Recording & Taxation
PO Box 2716
Portland, OR 97208-2716

Please remove social security numbers from any documentation prior to submission

Information: Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption Explained

Application: Disabled Veteran Exemption Claim

Statute: ORS 307.250 – 307.283