Smartfile is Multnomah County's newest and fastest method for filing your business Personal Property Return - no more filling out and mailing your paper return. Note: The Filing deadline is March 15th. 

Create an account:

  1. Access Smartfile here:
  2. Create an account
  3. Watch for an email with a link to activate your e-file account (You only need to create an account once!)

File your Return:

Refer to the instruction letter you received from Multnomah County for your account and PIN. 

  1. Click Personal Property Return to begin filing.
  2. Search for your Account # (must include the P): Pxxxxxx
  3. Enter your PIN (case sensitive): 205DC554 (example PIN)
  4. Review and update by scrolling through the tabs. 

Lost your Smartfile Instruction Letter? 

Request a replacement instruction letter from Note: We will not give your PIN over the phone. 

Include your account number and the full name of the business

If you are requesting information on behalf of a client, include a Letter of Authorization

Need to Correct your filing?  Other Questions?

Contact us either by email or by phone 503.988.6332. 

Avoid Late Filing Penalty

The Assessment Date is January 1 and the Filing deadline is March 15.

If you have difficulty logging into SmartFile after 4:00 p.m March 15th, and wish to avoid a late filing penalty, please submit your return and asset list via email here:


2024 Business Personal Property Return (113.6 KB)

Personal Property Asset Worksheet (210.92 KB)