Review the 2021 filing requirements.

Paperless Filing

Email your filing form and asset list

When the email launches, attach your:

  1. completed 2021 filing form
  2. current asset list

Filing deadline is March 15th

Lost your Filing Form or Asset List?

To download a new form, go to the Oregon Department of Revenue website and print and complete the State of Oregon Confidential Personal Property Return.

Request a replacement asset list from

Include your account number and the full name of the business

If you are requesting information on behalf of a client, include a Letter of Authorization

Need to Correct your filing?  Other Questions?

Call and talk with our personal property staff 503.988.6332

Look up your account to check values or verify payments

Find your business personal property account on our free public website.  (Use the guest log in)

Asset Valuation Factors

2021-2022 Valuation Schedule