It has recently come to our attention that fraudulent warrants have been received by members of our community in Multnomah County. 

How to identify if Your Property Tax Lien Warrant is Legitimate

  1. Do you owe Multnomah County property taxes?

Verify on our website: using your property tax ID number or address.

  1. Our warrants are always mailed from Portland, Oregon.
  2. Our warrants will be mailed in a regular envelope, clearly marked with a return address from the Multnomah County, Division of Assessment Recording and Taxation.
  3. The State of Oregon and Multnomah County send separate notices.  Look out for communications referencing both the State of Oregon and Multnomah County collections.  A communication referencing both should trigger follow up directly to both the state and county.
  4. Multnomah County will not send a “Distraint Warrant” for property tax liens.

These are just some examples of items to look for in potential fraudulent communications.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the legitimacy of a tax notice received by you regarding property taxes in Multnomah County, please contact DART or come into our office to verify.  

The fraudulent warrants letters below were received by Multnomah County community members:

Fake Multnomah County Warrant Letter
Fake Multnomah County Warrant Letter
Fake Multnomah County Warrant Letter Envelope