Filing a Personal Property Tax Return for the First Time

Welcome to Multnomah County, we're glad you are part of our community. 

If you are filing for the first time

Step 1: Download, complete, and sign the Confidential Personal Property Return

Step 2: Enter your taxable assets in the  Personal Property Asset Worksheet (210.92 KB)

The following fields are required and indicated by an * in the worksheet.

  • Description     
  • SitusAddress    
  • PurchaseYr    
  • UnitCount     
  • UnitCost   

The Assessment Date is January 1 and the Filing deadline is March 15.

Submit completed return to or mail:

Multnomah County
Attn: Personal Property
P.O. Box 2716
Portland, OR 97208

Taxpayer Assistance

Multnomah County Assessor:  503.988.6332

Oregon Department of Revenue:  503.378.4988 (1.800.356.4222)