A. Sheriff's Sale Payment Terms:
CASH OR EARNEST MONEY:  Full payment of sale price due on date of sale, or a nonrefundable advertised deposit amount due immediately on day of sale, and execution of County supplied Earnest Money Agreement for the balance of sale price. The Earnest Money Agreement will require balance due on or before Friday, October 24, 2014, by noon; at the County’s DART Office, located at 501 SE HAWTHORNE BLVD, Room 175, Portland, Oregon, 97214-3560, or the sale is null and void.  Possession is acquired when property is paid in full.

B. County Website:
For more information about the Sheriff’s Sale, including copies of the sale rules, please check the County’s Tax Foreclosed Property Website or contact the County’s Special Programs Group directly at 503-988-3590.

C.  Sheriff's Sale Rules:
1. This is an oral Sheriff's Sale. NO SEALED BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

2. You must register on the day of the sale prior to the first bid.  Registration begins at 9 am.  You must bring current valid picture identification such as an Oregon driver's license along with certified funds made out to Multnomah County in at least the advertised deposit amount for each property that you are bidding on (one check per property). The name you register with is the name that the property will be deeded in if you have the highest and best bid. If you are putting the property under your business name, you must show your business license or some approved form of business identification. Upon registration you will receive a bidding number that you will use for the entire sale.

BIDDING ON MULTIPLE PROPERTIES: If you are bidding on more than one property you must bring a cashier’s check made out to Multnomah County (for at least the advertised earnest money deposit amount) for each property that you would like to bid on. If you are determined the highest bidder by the Sheriff’s Deputy a cashier will come to you and pick up your down payment so you can begin bidding on the next property. When you have completed bidding on all properties you are interested in purchasing you will go to the cashier’s room to complete your paperwork. However, if cash is used for your down payment you will have to take your deposit into the cashier’s room immediately and the bid for the next property will continue.

3. Successful bidders must pay at least the advertised deposit amount for each property by cash or certified funds payable to Multnomah County. SUCH NONREFUNDABLE PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE CLOSE OF BIDDING FOR EACH PROPERTY. Personal checks and business checks WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

4. There is no assignment purchasing allowed and no tax certificates are issued. At the sale all purchasers must be present unless an authorized representative with a current original notarized power-of-attorney acts on behalf of the true bidder. 

5. Multnomah County does not furnish a survey or provide title insurance for the properties offered for sale. Any dimensions identified on maps or in other information are approximate and may or may not represent the actual property boundaries. Prospective Bidders are advised to view properties prior to bidding.

6. All properties are sold “AS IS”. Potential bidders should thoroughly investigate all aspects of a property prior to bidding. Multnomah County does not guarantee or warrant that any parcel is usable for any particular purpose. The County makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the title to the properties offered for sale, but shall only sell and convey such interest as the County acquired by foreclosure or other means and holds at the time of sale.

7. The conveyance is subject to all recorded easements, encumbrances or road right of way dedications and the right of any municipal corporation to purchase such property pursuant to State laws and subject to the right of the Board of County Commissioners to reject any and all bids.

8. THE COUNTY RETAINS THE RIGHT TO WITHDRAW PROPERTIES FROM THE SALE AT ANY TIME. It is recommended that parties contact the County Tax Foreclosed Property Program at 503.988.3590 prior to sale for confirmation of available property.

9. Each parcel of real property listed is located in Multnomah County. It is important to review all zoning and planning codes for permitted uses and requirements. Please contact the appropriate City or County zoning and planning office for more information. For Multnomah County, contact the Land Use Planning Division at 503.988.3043; for the City of Portland, call 503.823.7526; for Gresham, City of Gresham Permit Center at 503.618.2845; for Troutdale, City of Troutdale Planning Division at 503.674.7256.

10. Please be advised that county employees are not authorized to answer specific questions regarding the properties, including but not limited to: the size, the condition, the planning, zoning or building codes or regulations applicable thereto. Any statement by a County employee on these matters is not binding on the County; except and unless such a statement is made by a County Land Use Planning Division staff member in the context of a formal land use decision wherein the County is the land use planning jurisdiction with respect to the subject property.

11. If no acceptable bid is received at the Sheriff's Sale or if a sale is not completed and becomes null and void, Multnomah County may dispose of the property as allowed under County Code and State law.