Public Sale 2016 Sample Properties

Public Sale March 23, 2016.  Next Public Sale Tentatively Scheduled for September 30, 2016

This website will be updated as noticed with the most recent information on the Public Sales.  This is the dedicated information channel for the Tax Title Property Program.  No individual e-mail distributions or announcements are made.  Interested parties are responsible for checking this website, as it is updated on a noticed schedule.  The Tax Title Program is currently finalizing review of the unsold properties and additional inventory for the next Public Sale, tentatively scheduled for September 30, 2016, subject to Board Order.  A tentative inventory will be published at the next periodic update July 12, 2016.  Open Houses will be scheduled for improved properties and posted in July.  Unsolicited offers for private sale are always considered.  Please check this website at the announced updates for more information.

Click the links for more information or contact Multnomah County's Tax Title Relevant inquiries will be addressed in the periodic updates.  Please be advised, we cannot offer legal advice or property research.  Public Records may be accessed here:

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