Picture of a ballot drop-off box.
Image from the Multnomah County Elections website.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It’s been a long election season. 

With over 70 million votes already cast, we are set to have the highest national voter turnout in an election since 1908. As I write this, Multnomah County already has 51% of ballots turned in. While this is wonderful, please don’t think that if you haven’t voted yet, your vote doesn’t matter. It absolutely does. Your presidential vote will help determine the course of the future not just for yourself, but for all in our nation. Your votes for local candidates and ballot measures will affect not just you but your friends and loved ones in Multnomah County and throughout the state. Your vote will also affect those who are not able to vote in this election. 

If you haven’t voted yet, you have until 8 p.m. on November 3 to do so. Do not mail your ballot - we are passed the date where you can do so and be sure your ballot will be counted. Instead, drop it at an official drop box. 


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Voting is one way to hold your government accountable. Another is through auditing.  My office is in the process of writing the report for the first section of our audit of the county’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This audit focuses on congregate care settings, such as community health clinics, homeless shelters, and jails. I look forward to sharing our findings with you once the report is published.



Auditor’s Community Advisory Committee 

Do you care about government accountability? Then apply to sit on my Community Advisory Committee! The Community Advisory Committee provides guidance directly to me; it is not a decision-making body.

The Auditor’s Community Advisory Committee is an advisory body that will be responsible for:

  • Learning about the County Auditor’s roles, as established in County Charter, including learning about the opportunities and challenges the Auditor faces in fulfilling these roles;

  • Providing suggestions and comments on the annual audit plan prior to the Auditor finalizing the audit plan;

  • Providing suggestions and guidance for the community engagement aspects of performance audits;

  • Providing suggestions and guidance to the Auditor on the office’s work to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts into audits.


  • Members of the Auditor’s Community Advisory Committee must reside in Multnomah County. 

  • Knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices is desired.

  • Knowledge of community engagement best practices is desired.

  • Knowledge of government performance auditing is desired, but not required.

  • Multnomah County employees or employees of any organization providing or bidding upon audit contract services are not eligible for membership on the Committee.

Deadline to apply: 

All applications must be submitted by 11:59pm on Monday, November 30, 2020. 

Learn more and apply

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