May 19, 2022

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners on Thursday, May 19, voted to move forward with the purchase of a second parking lot adjoining the Behavioral Health Resource Center, a new day center, shelter and transitional housing program that is under construction with plans to open this fall. The County already owns a small parking lot adjoining the building’s north side that will become a gated courtyard.

Commissioners voted to purchase a parking lot adjoining the BHRC, slated to open in the fall of 2022.

The lot, located at 801 S.W, Harvey Milk St. and currently used to stage construction equipment, will sell for $3.1 million. That brings the total project cost to $29 million, within the budget of $31.6 million.

“The price is very good,” Chief Financial Officer Eric Arellano told the Board. “I highly recommend this purchase at the current price.”

Arellano presented alongside Dan Zalkow, director of Facilities and Property Management, and Christa Jones,  a senior manager in the Behavioral Health Division.

The lot will provide parking for providers and staff, make it easier to receive deliveries, and create space for emergency vehicles, Jones said. And it will provide flexibility for any other future uses. Those other potential uses will be determined in the same way the Behavioral Health Resource Center was designed, by centering the needs and recommendations of people with lived experience with behavioral health challenges.

Commissioners unanimously supported the purchase.

“Great price. Great location. And it allows us flexibility in the future,” Chair Deborah Kafoury said. “This is the kind of long-term planning I’ve wanted to do since I got to the County, and we finally have some resources to do it.”