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Anyone can get addiction services by calling one of our contracted treatment providers. You do not need insurance.

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Treatment includes after-school activities, mentoring, culturally-specific youth leadership groups, alternative activities, and core services for families living in public housing.

Youth Addiction Treatment

Residential treatment and housing support for drug- and alcohol- affected youth and their families.

Adult Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment, including various counseling options, medication management, and relapse prevention; residential treatment (treatment in 24-hour setting); community recovery (aftercare services for clients learning to live sober); and a specialized program for severely addicted and multi-diagnosed homeless clients.

Problem Gambling Treatment and Prevention

Guided by a public health approach that considers biological, behavioral, economic, cultural, and policy factors influencing gambling and health. Incorporates prevention, harm reduction and multiple levels of treatment by placing emphasis on quality-of-life issues for the gambler, families, and communities.


Medically stabilizes highly vulnerable individuals to prepare them for further treatment. Care is given 24/7 and includes medication to ease withdrawal symptoms and acupuncture to reduce physiological stress.


Your physical health plan pays for addiction treatment if you are enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan. The Oregon Health Plan includes

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