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Getting Help for a Child

All children experience difficulties as part of normal development. But when a child has needs that put them at risk for losing their home, school placement or connection to the community, it might be time for some extra help.

Wraparound works with children and youth experiencing serious mental health or behavioral challenges. A child might need Wraparound if they are at risk for needing a higher level of mental health care than outpatient services.

How It Works

Wraparound is a collaborative process that brings together youth, family members, friends, teachers and service providers to create an individualized plan for addressing your child’s needs.

You'll meet at least monthly as a team to engage in an intensive planning process.

Our team-based model is family-driven and youth-guided. It works by building on family strengths, collaborating with community resources and incorporating shared decision-making. Each approach is individualized and informed by the family's culture.

More about the Wraparound process» (PDF)

Who Is Eligible

Multnomah County youth under 18 years old, who are eligible for the Oregon Health Plan and have a qualifying mental health diagnosis. 

They must be experiencing or receiving services related to:

  • Mental health
  • Child welfare
  • Special education (IEP)
  • Intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Juvenile justice
  • Substance abuse and addictions
  • Chronic or complex medical conditions

To Refer a Youth

Complete a referral packet:

Next, email or fax us a copy of a mental health assessment (any clinical documentation that includes a behavioral health diagnosis) completed or updated within 1 year before the referral.

wraparound@multco.us | 503-988-9387 fax

What's Next?

We'll review your referral to make sure it meets the criteria. Your referral packet must be complete and include a mental health assessment before we can begin this process.

A coordinator will contact the provider and family to discuss next steps.

More Information

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