All employees with benefits have Basic Life Insurance provided by the County at no cost, through The Standard Insurance Company.

The amount of coverage varies according to each bargaining unit (group).

Assign your beneficiaries in Workday for who your want to receive your life insurance benefits when you pass away.

If you would like Supplemental life insurance for more than this Basic life amount, apply using Workday. You may be required to complete a medical questionnaire.

Basic Life Benefit Amounts

Current Plan Documents

Provided through the Standard Insurance company beginning 1/1/2018

Continuing Your Life Insurance Post-Employment

When you leave County employment you can purchase the same level of life insurance coverage (or a lesser amount) directly from the insurer - The Standard, at the group Supplemental insurance rates. The Standard will send you a notice when applicable.

Basic Life Insurance Imputed Income Calculator for County-paid life benefits over $50,000

Important: The IRS taxes the value of the premium for employer-provided, basic life insurance on coverage over $50,000. If this applies to you, you will see an amount on each paystub (monthly amount divided in two), based on your age and coverage, representing the value of the premium for the coverage in excess of $50,000, not based on the actual death benefit paid to beneficiaries.