Your beneficiary is who you choose to receive your life insurance benefits when you pass away.

How do I update my beneficiary(ies)?

Assign your beneficiaries in Workday. Need help? We have a Quick Reference Guide.

*This will replace all previous designations.

You can use Workday to update at any time.

What life insurance coverage do I have?

All employees with benefits have Basic Life Insurance provided by the County.

You may have, or can apply for Supplemental Life Insurance for yourself and/or your spouse/domestic partner.

See what you're enrolled in at any time in Workday.

Who can I designate?

You can name:

  • One, two, or more people
  • And/or a trust, charity or other organization
    • The Benefit Share Amounts must add up to 100%.

If you don't name a beneficiary, or if all beneficiaries do not survive you, the life insurance benefit will go to your estate.

Primary or Contingent Beneficiary?

The Primary Beneficiary is who receives your life insurance benefits first. If more than one primary is listed, and another passes away, the remaining primary beneficiary(ies) will receive/split the full benefit.

The Contingent Beneficiary is who receives your life insurance benefits if all primary beneficiaries have passed away.

Naming a Child/Minor?

When you designate minors as beneficiaries, it is important to understand that the benefits are paid to the court-appointed guardian of the minor's property/estate. More details are in the plan booklets.

Beneficiary for Spouse/Domestic Partner Supplemental Life Insurance?

You as an employee are always the beneficiary for Spouse/Domestic Partner Supplemental Lifestyle Life Insurance.

Beneficiary for Accidental Death and Dismemberment?

Your Basic Life beneficiary serves as the beneficiary for your AD&D insurance (only applicable to badged union members).

How many Beneficiaries can I name?

As many as you want!

Beneficiaries for other plans?

You may have beneficiaries listed for other plans related to County employment: PERS or Deferred Compensation for example. These are maintained separately from your life insurance. Please see details at those plan pages for how to update those beneficiaries.

This information is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult an attorney to help ensure your beneficiary designation reflects your intentions.