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When reviewing your plan information, please be sure to choose the document that corresponds to the plan you are enrolled in, as these documents are specific to the stated plan.  

If you would like a printed copy of any of these documents, or access in another language, contact the Benefits Office at 503-988-3477 or

View your current benefits on the Workday Benefits application.

Important Reminder for Moda Members: The Transition of Care Period Ended on 6/30/23 for Out-of-Network Behavioral Health Providers

The transition of care period for out-of-network behavioral health providers – previously allowing Moda members to have care at out-of-network providers covered as in-network – ended on June 30th, 2023. From July 1st forward, all visits to an out-of-network behavioral health provider will be billed as out-of-network, which means you will have out-of-pocket costs. 

Who Do I Contact?

Moda Medical Customer Service: 888-445-7413

Moda Delta Dental Customer Service: 888-447-8194

WellDyne (Pharmacy) Customer Service: 888-479-2000

VSP*(Vision) Customer Service: 800-877-7195

Claims to submit? Send an itemized statement from your provider to

Look below for your plan handbooks and program flyers. Additional Moda forms, i.e.: reimbursement or release of information forms are on the Moda Forms site.

2023 Plan Documents

Moda PPO 400 plan

Moda Major Medical plan

Delta Dental 50 plan

2022 Plan Documents

For Local 88, ONA, Non-Represented, JCSS, MCCDA, DSA, Dentists, Physicians, Prosecuting Attorneys, FOPPO, and IBEW

Delta Dental 50 plan


Delta Dental plan

Moda Medical - Additional Documents

WellDyne (Pharmacy Benefits) - Additional Documents

VSP* (Vision) - Additional Documents

* VSP coverage is included in Moda PPO 400 plans. The Moda Major Medical Plan does not include vision coverage.

Moda Delta Dental

Choose your provider from the available networks

  • Delta PPO Network dentists offer services with the lowest out-of-pocket costs. 
  • Dentists on the Premier Network are also in-network providers, but services can be more costly.
  • Services provided by an out-of-network provider are subject to balance billing and therefore, most costly.

Moda Delta Dental - Additional Documents