If you work full time and are part of the Local 88, IUPAT, MCCDA, DSA, FOPPO, JCSS, or ONA bargaining units, you can enroll in and pay for Short Term Disability insurance which provides partial salary replacement if you can't work due to your own disabling injury/illness.

The partial salary replacement (~60%) begins when you have an approved claim after a 30-day waiting period from your "date of disability" and may continue for up to a maximum of 9 weeks. 

You must apply within 31 days of your hire or newly eligible date to be guaranteed this 30-day waiting period.  If you apply after this 31 days, there will be a 60-day waiting period for illnesses/pregnancy during the first year of coverage.

You may enroll in or end coverage at any time using the Workday Benefits and Pay Hub. Click on Change Benefits. On the next page, from the "Change Reason" drop down menu, select "Optional Short Term Disability Enroll/Cancel" and use today's date. We are also available to help (employee.benefits@multco.us) with any WorkDay changes! 

Note: All permanent employees are automatically enrolled in county-paid Long-term Disability coverage, which begins after a 90-day waiting period from your "date of disability."

Optional Short Term Disability Costs Per Paycheck*

*Optional Short Term Disability costs decreased effective 9/1/23, due to Paid Leave Oregon

Current Plan Documents

Optional Short Term Disability Policy 2019 (128.28 KB)

Optional Short Term Disability Coverage Highlights (236.54 KB)