If you work full time, you can enroll in and pay for Short Term Disability insurance which provides partial salary replacement if you can't work due to your own disabling injury/illness.

This salary replacement (~60%) begin when you have an approved claim after a 30-day waiting period from your "date of disability" and may continue for a up to a maximum of 9 weeks.

You must apply within 31 days of your hire or newly eligible date to be guaranteed this 30 day waiting period.  If you apply after this 31 days, you'll have a 60-day waiting period for illnesses/pregnancy during the first year of coverage.

You may enroll or end at any time using the Workday Benefits worklet.

2022 & 2021 Optional Short Term Disability Costs Per Paycheck:

Current Plan Documents

Optional Short Term Disability Policy 2019 (128.28 KB)

Provided through the Standard Insurance beginning 1/1/19