On 10/8/15, the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution to provide Paid Parental leave for employees who are new parents to support the arrival of a new child into a family. 

This employee benefit provides paid family leave for the birth, adoption, and foster placement of a child. This policy provides base salary continuation for 6 weeks to give families time to bond with their new child, adjust to their new family situation, and balance personal and professional obligations.

Benefits of paid parental leave include increased breastfeeding initiation and maintenance, and increased well-being.  When parents take parental leave, children are more likely to get their well-baby checks and vaccinations and those with special needs and their parents are better supported.

This paid parental leave resolution demonstrates Multnomah County’s values by supporting health, equity and economic well-being.

Rule 2-57: Paid Parental Leave (45.29 KB)