The Multnomah County Guide to Retirement (909.68 KB) includes a section on enrolling in Medicare.  It is recommended you refer to the Guide for complete information.

  • County Retiree Health Insurance participants are required to enroll in Medicare when first eligible.  It is recommended participants enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B.  The County Retiree health insurance plans provide a higher level of prescription coverage than Medicare Part D, so participants may choose not to enroll in Part D.
  • If Medicare eligibility occurs which still employed and the participant delays enrollment, Medicare Part A and Part B must be activated at the time County Retiree health insurance benefits begin.  The participant may provide the Employee Benefits Office with a Request for Employment Information form (available through the Social Security Administration), which provides proof of employer-sponsored health insurance coverage and protects the monthly Medicare premium.
  • Individuals receiving Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) will be notified by the Federal government that Medicare enrollment occurs within approximately 24 months.   County retirees are required to notify the Employee Benefits Office if SSDI has been approved and when Medicare will become activated.

Medicare Request for Employment Information (66.5 KB)
Medicare Part B Application (69.13 KB)


How to contact Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance for free help with Medicare Information and Prescription Drug Plans: