Full Name
*Can be an estimate
This is typically the first of the month following your last day, unless you want to postpone your PERS retirement.
This is needed if you've ever worked for another PERS employer. Need help? PERS: 888-320-7377 or oregon.gov/PERS/
You can only defer the start date of your retiree medical/dental benefits if you are enrolled on a County plan with your spouse/partner, OR if you are a MCCDA, DSA, Local 88, JCSS, FOPPO, Physicians, IUOE, ONA, Pharmacists, Prosecuting Attorneys or Non-Represented member with other employer group coverage.
Retiree Health Insurance Quote
You can receive a quote for the same plan you have, or choose a lesser plan with the same provider. If you currently opt-out, you may choose any plan.
You can select multiple plans to get multiple price quotes.
You can select multiple coverage levels to get multiple price quotes.