Important RealOne Player links

General requirements

In order to watch and listen to the live broadcast of County Board meetings, you must have the current RealOne Player, or an earlier version of RealPlayer 5 or later, installed on your computer, along with either speakers or headphones connected to a sound card. RealOne Player is available in versions that are compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Unix operating systems.

Free and commercial versions of the player

RealOne Player is distributed at no charge, and RealOne Gold is distributed for a fee. Either version will play the Board of Commissioners broadcast. Multnomah County is not liable for any charges incurred by downloading the RealOne Player. Both the free and commercial versions are available for download on the Download RealOne Player page.

Player performance

Player performance depends upon RealOne Player settings and the speed of your computer's connection to the Internet. When you install RealOne Player, you will be prompted to choose a connection speed. If you don't know your connection speed to the Internet, you can ask your Internet Service Provider or your computer support personnel. Adjustments to the RealOne Player settings can always be made later by opening the Preferences dialog box found under the Tools menu of the player.

Limited media streams

Multnomah County is licensed for 100 real-time, simultaneous users of RealServer Streaming. This limit means that only 100 end-users at any given moment can successfully access the media stream. This error message will be encountered if the limit is exceeded:

"Server has reached its capacity and can serve no more streams. Please try again later."