March 6, 2015

Multnomah County leaders expressed their appreciation today after a jury returned a verdict in a trial about a defective deck installed on the Morrison Bridge lift span in 2011 - 2012.  The jury found all defendants were negligent to the county, the owner of the project. The county will receive an estimated $4.4 million in damages.  The jury assigned a portion of the negligence to the county.

Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury issued the following statement after the verdict:

"Multnomah County is very pleased with the jury’s verdict in this case. The county always strives to be a good steward of public funds and to hold people accountable when things go wrong.  We are ultimately responsible for maintaining a safe bridge for the public’s use and we take that job seriously. When contracting with professionals to do work for us, we have high expectations that they will perform the work they were contracted to do.  This verdict is a great outcome for the citizens of Multnomah County. We are moving forward with a project to replace the faulty lift span deck with a new deck as soon as possible."

Multnomah County plans to begin design on a new deck this year.  The construction schedule has yet to be determined.