Access to Public Records

Individuals, organizations, agencies, and/or businesses may request Multnomah County to provide copies of procurement and contract documents. Access to public records is provided in compliance with State ORS 192 and Multnomah County Administrative Procedure REC-2 (Multnomah County Public Records Disclosure Practice).

The public’s right to request inspection and/or copies of public records from government agencies bound by Oregon State Law are covered in ORS 192. ORS 192.440 states the public must be provided written notification from Bridge Services of estimated fees in excess of $25.00 related to a records request, and that Bridge Services must receive confirmation to proceed from the requestor.

Requesting Public Records

Request for public records are required to be written and will receive a written response. Requests should include a clear description of the public records you are requesting to inspect or have copied, as well as your contact information. Bridge Services may need to request additional information or clarification. Written requests will be responded to as soon as possible without unreasonable delay.

Please submit your request:

Public Records Request
Multnomah County Bridge Services
1403 SE Water Avenue
Portland, OR 97214-3333
Phone: (503) 988-3757
FAX: (503) 988-3412

Please include the following with your request (when known):
• Your name
• Your organization
• Specific list of records
• Date range of requested records

Fee Schedule, Notification, and Collection

(Note: Fee schedule at end of policy)

Fees for Public Records Requests consist of two types of cost; 1) research, retrieval, re- placement of records into files, and 2) duplication costs. Payment may be made by cash or check only.

After an initial assessment, Bridge Services will provide an estimate of the full cost of retrieval and duplication to the requestor. Estimates will also include the County’s actual cost for scanning, binding, oversized paper, postage, and other costs associated with the request.

Certified Payroll Requests

In order to release certified payrolls, we must copy and redact (i.e. remove) personal information from the documents before they can be viewed. Therefore, there will be an upfront cost for all payroll requests based on our rates below. Due to privacy laws, there is no option to just look at the files at no charge.

Payment is required before we will release the documents. When payment is received the records will be duplicated and mailed or emailed to the requesting party.

The Bridge Services Manager or designee may authorize a waiver or reduction of fees if it is determined to be in the interests of the public.

Bridge Services staff will:

• Provide the requestor a copy of the fee schedule and an estimated fee after researching and retrieving records.

• Provide notification and receive confirmation before processing record requests with estimated fees in excess of $25.00.

• Collect fees before providing requested records, either by cash or check.

• Note: The County Attorney’s Office will be notified of any public records requests.

Bridge Services Fee Schedule* - (Cash or Check Payment Only)

Research and retrieval charges - $72.16  per hour

Reproduction/Redaction - $46.52  per hour

Binding,oversized paper and mail/shipping fees - Case-by-case basis

Legal Review of request and/or requested records - Case-by-case basis

*NOTE – This table is not inclusive of all possible charges, many times requests are unique and have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Approved by Brian Vincent, Bridge Services Manager
Effective Date: 4/6/12

Public Records Request Policy