November 19, 2020

The Community Task Force for the Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge project will hold a virtual online meeting on Monday, November 23 from 6 - 8 pm focused on bridge types for the new bridge.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the meeting is being held online and will be live streamed at The public can submit comments to be shared at the meeting. To submit a comment, email it to by noon on November 23. A recording of the meeting will be posted to the project website Library the week after the meeting. Meeting materials are available on the project website.

The Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge project is studying alternatives that would create a resilient lifeline crossing over the Willamette River in the event of a major earthquake. The task force has recommended that a new Long Span bridge with a movable lift span be built and that no detour bridge be built for temporary use during construction. The Task Force is studying issues related to the bridge type recommendation. The Task Force is scheduled to recommend a bridge type in early summer 2021.

Meeting agenda items include:

  • Public comment
  • Project update, including an update from the project’s Urban Design and Aesthetics Work Group
  • An overview of range of bridge types
  • Review draft evaluation criteria (related to bridge type)

Task force members represent residential areas, business districts, and interests including auto commuters, transit users, freight, pedestrians, bicyclists, river users, bridge history, social service agencies, and other organizations based near the bridge.

Multnomah County maintains the Burnside Bridge and leads the Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge project. For more information or to sign up for email notifications, visit