Budget modifications (budmods) are the process by which the Board of County Commissioners can change the budget after adoption. The budmod process is changing beginning in February 2023, and this page provides resources to assist departments in navigating the new process and preparing budget modifications. 

The budget modification manual provides detailed information about budmods and the new process.

Budget Modification Manual (123.2 KB)

Below are links to Google Doc versions of the new Agenda Placement Request (APR) forms. Please not that these are provided only to be useful when drafting the narrative. The final version of budmod Agenda Placement Requests (APRs) must be filled out and submitted in Questica. 

Multnomah County Agenda Placement Request Budget Modification

Multnomah County Agenda Placement Request Consent Agenda Budget Modification

The Departmental checklist below is provided as a tool for departments to use when preparing budget modifications. It covers some items that are often forgotten, along with a checklist to make sure all steps have been completed when submitting a budmod. This checklist is provided for internal use, and does not need to be submitted.

Budmod Checklist for Departments

The Central Budget Office checklist below is provided only as a reference material in case it's helpful when preparing budmods. The checklist shows the various items that the Central Budget office looks at when reviewing budmods.

Budmod Checklist for Central Budget Office

Other Resources:

Workday vs Questica Terminology (35.41 KB)