How Multnomah County Budgets: 

Multnomah County’s Board of Commissioners adopts an annual budget to plan for the effective delivery of services to our community and to responsibly manage the public resources that support these services. Community involvement in the budget process ensures that desired services are prioritized, while County officials ensure that the budget balances competing needs, is financially sustainable, and meets legal requirements.

FY 2024 Department Transmittal Letters Submitted Budget:

The Department Director’s transmittal letter formally conveys the department’s budget proposal to the County Chair and the community. The transmittal letters provide a roadmap to each department's budget submission and to their program offers. These letters often reference program offers. To find the full description and financial information for each program offer, see the section below FY 2024 Submitted Program Offers and enter the name of the program or the program offer number. Below, you can find each department's transmittal letter for its FY 2024 Submitted Budget.

FY 2024 Department Submitted Program Offers: 

The FY 2024 Department Submitted Program Offers are the program offers submitted by the departments for consideration in the Chair's Executive/Proposed Budget. These program offers are shown as submitted by the departments and are the first step in Multnomah County’s budget process.

You can find the individual Department Submitted Program Offers here: /budget/fy-2024-program-offers