Performance & Policy Forums were a Multnomah County performance management initiative during 2008-2009, designed to help departments update the Chair's Office on policy issues by highlighting performance data every quarter. In 2009, after coordinating three rounds of Forums, the Budget Office handed off the process to individual departments to continue in their own fashion. Several departments have used this type of format to continue meetings with the Chair's Office.

This page includes an archive of some P&P documents to illustrate the type of process that was used in Multnomah County. If you have questions, contact Karyne Kieta, Budget Office Director.


Develop structured time between the chair, the chief operating officer, the deputy operating officer, and department/agency heads where they can look at performance data and talk about larger policy issues

Desired Outcomes

  • Enhanced communication between the Chair’s Office and department heads about department-level and county-level issues 
  • Reviewing regular performance data as the basis for larger policy decisions

Leadership Roles

  • Chair’s Office will lead meeting discussions, suggest data and policy issues for discussion, review materials in advance, assign follow-up action items
  • Departments will determine the data and policy issues relevant for discussion, select performance measures, prepare data presentations, and send out information in advance of meetings, perform assigned follow-up action items
  • Budget Office will facilitate meetings, publish briefs, conduct additional analysis based on briefs and organization health sheets, provide performance measure materials and training,review data quality


  • Chair and Operations Officers meet every other week
  • Departments meet every four months
  • 2-hour meetings on Friday mornings

Agenda for Meetings

1. Relentless Follow-Up

2. Operational Highlights

     a. Chair’s Office Priorities review

     b. Top 5 Projects review

     c. Organizational Health review

3. 5 minute break

4. Strategic Opportunities

     a. Review of Priority Brief and additional analysis based on Brief

     b. Focus In: departments bring a 15-minute data presentation 

     c. Issue Forum: discussion of larger policy issues

5. Action Items

     a. Issues for follow-up

     b. Improvements to the process