At this moment, hundreds of individuals live on the streets of our community struggling with untreated mental health or substance use disorders. Though their situations may be dire, many are eager and ready to start on the road to recovery. Many others just want a place to rest. 

For those who have made it off the streets, and for those still out there, there continues to be a wide range of needs. But one thing is clear: they all want somewhere to start that journey. 

Since the fall of 2018, Multnomah County has worked to create a comprehensive, low-barrier resource center for homeless individuals living with behavioral health issues. The center will offer:

  • Day space
  • Mental health shelter
  • A transitional housing site

Experts across the County evaluated a building located in the heart of downtown Portland, where the need is greatest. After seismic and environmental reviews, comparisons to other available properties, and an evaluation for programming, the Board of County Commissioners approved the purchase of the building at 333 SW Park in January, 2019.

The center is scheduled to open in November 2022.


The Board of County Commissioners approved the purchase of 333 S.W. Park in January 2019, for $4.34 million and an adjacent parking lot at 810 S.W. Oak for $1.5 million.

Project team

Carleton Hart Architecture, Mortenson Construction and Klosh Group, as the owner’s representative.


Working with the community, the County is planning a trauma-informed, peer-supported center with:

  • Level 1-2: Day Center with access to showers, laundry, peer counseling, housing, meal service and additional services.
  • Level 3: 24-Hour behavioral health shelter
  • Level 4: Transitional housing
  • Level 5: Administrative offices