You Choose Your Path by James Wheeler (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)Career Management and Professional Development in the 21st Century Workplace

We're here to help prime you to think about your next professional move, whether you’re in a secure job, have reason to feel uncertainty, are looking to move into management or other promotional positions, or simply feel stuck in your current work.

Career management is an intentional process of:

  • Knowing where you want to go professionally,
  • Understanding current and future workplace opportunities, and
  • Then making connections.

Successful career management means always being "job ready" and is more than just a current resume (though that's a great place to start). It is assessing yourself (self), being mindful of opportunities (sector), and exploring where to make connections (synergy).

Finally, with all the talk these days of succession planning, we help you understand the role of career management in succession planning as well as how you can help put the success in succession planning.

Self: Here we'll offer assessments, inventories, and other activities to help you gain a greater understanding of the most important person in your career development, you.

Sector: Knowing the state of the current workplace (including job trends and the economy), the role of technology, and the dynamics of the intergenerational workforce will help you figure out where you want to be.

Synergy: A job is a relationship, and it's our goal to help you build a practice of caring for how well you fit with your work. Here we explore networks and other ways to connect with people and organizations that will support your current and future career.

Succession Planning: This section explore the myths and realities of succession planning and helps you see where you can play an active role.