Organizational Learning's purpose is to help Multnomah County thrive by advancing a workforce that is culturally and technologically adaptive and equipped with the capabilities to meet the current and future needs of our community. 

Our Role

Organizational Learning’s role is to help develop a culture of learning, continuous development, and adaptation to help the County be responsive to future change. We will do this by:

  • Adapting to the changing needs of our workforce through continuous learning and creating a culture that is ready to effectively respond to changes, needs, and opportunities.
  • Leading the organization in effectively embracing our core competencies and growing leadership internally at all levels.
  • Learning and teaching new skills and capabilities to enable employees to excel throughout their careers.  

Our Focus

Organizational Learning’s core areas of work include:

  • Supporting culture transformation, enabling a more inclusive, equitable, and responsive workforce.
  • Delivering programs and services that support employees throughout their lifecycle. 
  • Offering professional development to expand capabilities and skills of employees and teams. This includes training, coaching, mediation, change management, tools and resources, manager support, team building, and facilitation.
  • Providing technology consultation and support for key county-wide projects.
  • Developing our leaders through training, coaching, and leadership programming.

Summary Our Core Competencies in a circle with icons representing each one.

Core Competencies

What is a Competency?

A competency is a behavioral description of what we value as an organization. Multnomah County has defined and adopted 10 Core Competencies that reinforce our organizational values of Safety, Trust and Belonging. Think of them as our shared language and North Star. 

Our 10 Core Competencies are not technical skills specific to a role or department. Living the Core Competencies is an expectation of every county employee. Competencies should be alive in all everyday interactions and actions at Multnomah County, including recruiting, planning employee development, and training. 

By living the behaviors associated with each Competency, we all contribute to each other’s success, as well as the success of our organization.

Get to know our 10 Core Competencies, by reading our MultCo Core Competencies Overview and Summary Document.